How to find Ziheng's group in Darwin Building, UCL

Ziheng is in Room 433, Darwin Building, Gower Street. See the arrow on this London street map. Darwin Building is about 8.7 minutes walk from British Museum. Its Entrance is at the back (via Torrington Place, Malet Place, pass the bike sheds), or you can come to the Anatomy Entrance (See the black arrows on the UCL map). Ask the Security to call me (X3-4379).

Underground Stations closeby

Goodge Street, Euston Square, Warren Street, Russell Square, and Euston. All of them are within ~5 minutes of walk if you don't get lost.

From airports:

Note about Underground tickets and Oyster Card

(This is based on fares released in January 2007) Underground tickets are priced according to zones. Our office is in Central London (zone 1) while Heathrow is in zone 6. A one-way ticket from Heathrow to zone 1 is 4 pounds. You can buy the ticket at the ticket office or at the ticket machines. Some machines accept coins only while others accept notes as well as credit cards.

You can buy an Oyster Card at the ticket office at any Underground station (including Heathrow). The card costs 3 pounds, but can be used for ever. I understand that the 3 pounds is a deposit which you can claim back when you return the card but I am not very. You deposit money onto the card (which you can do at the ticket office or at the machines at any station) and then pay as you go. To use it, touch the card reader at the gate when you enter and leave a station.

With an Oyster card, the single journey from Heathrow (Zone 6) to Zone 1 costs 3.50 pounds instead of 4 pounds. The difference for such a long journey is not great. However, it makes a bigger differnce for short journeys. For example a single journey in Zone 1 costs 1.50 pounds with the card and 4.00 pounds without. Thus if you plan to be in London for a few days and intend to travel again in London some days or years later, you can buy an Oyster Card. If you pay 20 pounds, you will have 17 pounds to spend.

(Please report any inaccuracies in this description to Ziheng.)

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