Jose Antonio Barba Montoya

PhD student, GEE Department
University College London

London, UK




Evolution, plant molecular phylogenetics, genomics and bioinformatics.


The explosive increase of molecular sequence data has produced a wealthy of opportunities for addressing a number of evolutionary problems.  In my PhD research project I am exploring the use of molecular sequence data, combined with statistical summaries of the fossil record, to date species divergence. In particular we will examine the origin and divergences of angiosperms (flowering plants), and attempt to resolve the apparent conflict between the molecular dates and fossil evidence. The project will involve compilation of sequence and fossil datasets and phylogenetic analysis of genome-scale data sets.



I studied a Bachelor in Biology at the Science Faculty at UNAM and a master in Biological Sciences at the Biology Institute in this same University. In both cases my research was oriented and developed by questions about molecular evolution and within a framework of phylogenetics reference. These questions include the evolution of the pollination syndromes, the relation and age of the Pachycereeae clades (Cactaceae, Caryophyllales) and the diversification rates.



Barba-Montoya J. A. & S. Magallón. 2012. ¿Por qué tantos cactos columnares? El papel de los murcielagos nectarívoros en su diversificación. Oikos. 6-CEZ.indd. México.







Last updated:  March 2013