Professor Michael C. Singer

British/American butterfly behaviour expert
University of Texas at Austin

Prof. Michael C. Singer (MA Oxon, First Class Honours) is an excellent although unusual example of brain-drain from the UK. Singer manages his teaching and butterfly evolution empire from its nerve centre in the Patterson Building "Department of Integrative Biology" at UT.

His Texas home page seems to wimp out of expressing his true essence (although it gives a flavour of his publication list), so I felt that these pictures in the "Portraits and Quotations" series could rectify the problem. Test your knowledge of scientific temrinology -- Singer's first year UT Biology (Austin, Texas) students have to answer these: see Gladys & Bernie's discussions. Prospective (post)graduate students, see Singer's advice on choosing a university and PhD supervisor.

Singer has had a massive influence on generations of undergraduate and graduate students at UT and researchers on butterfly ecology and behaviour elsewhere, including myself. He probably doesn't realize how important this has been for those of us who have benefited.

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