[EVOLVE] block

This block basically defines the queue of jobs that INDELible must complete. It tells INDELible how many replicates to generate from each [PARTITIONS] block and what the output files should be named.

Example Usage:

    p1 100 outputname1
    p2 100 outputname2
    p3 100 outputname3
    p4 100 outputname4
    p5 100 outputname5
    p6 100 outputname6
    p7 100 outputname7
    p8 100 outputname8
  • p1 etc refers to the name of previously defined [PARTITIONS] blocks.
  • 100 is the number of replicates that will be generated for each job.
  • outputname1 etc will be used in the filenames of the generated datasets.
  • Each control file must contain exactly one of these blocks.