William Fletcher

PhD Graduate

Principal Supervisor: Ziheng Yang (FRS), UCL's Professor of Statistical Genetics

Funding: An EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant from CoMPLEX (the UCL Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology).

Contact Details:

University College London
Department of Genetics Evolution and the Environment
Room 436 Darwin Building
Gower Street

Telephone: +44 20 7679 2356
Telephone: Send me an email.

PhD Thesis:

Computational Statistics in Molecular Phylogenetics

Computer Software:



Fletcher, W. and Yang, Z. 2009. INDELible: a flexible simulator of biological sequence evolution. Mol. Biol. and Evol. 2009 26(8):1879-1888

Fletcher, W. and Yang, Z. 2009. The Effect of Insertions, Deletions and Alignment Errors on the Branch-Site Test of Positive Selection. Mol. Biol. and Evol. Advance Access published online, May 5, 2010


Three Peaks Challenge

I recently attempted the Three Peaks Challenge with some friends. For all those kind people who donated I put together a few photos of the experience which can be found here.

Tree of Life:

The Tree of Life

Studies of evolution at the molecular level aim to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships among species (the "Tree of Life") and to investigate the forces and mechanisms that have driven this evolution.